TIME WILL TELL, Graphic Design, 2018, London
“ Time Will Tell ” transforms typeface and visual element into a new system for documentation. The typeface itself representing the fragments of time and how we take the marginalia of each moment. Inspired by the Sundial and the way ancient humans observe the time; the typeface composed by the shadows in daily life. As Carlo Rovelli says theories ask us to accept the notion that time is merely a function of our “blurred” human perception, we see the world only through the edge of the ice burg, just like watching Plato’s shadow-play in the cave, then how do we sense every moment without the clock or watch?

“Time will tell” is an exploration about the trace of changing, experimenting how we sense the time and how it can be visualised. I want to talk about fragmentary perspectives, visualising the uncertainty and dynamic changes in every moment. As Heraclitus says, everything in the world is constantly changing, then how does the “World of Flux” looks like?

The audience is invited to join a journey to decipher the different layers meaning of time. It’s an exploration of the metaphorical meaning, the philosophical connection and focusing on our awareness and consciousness of the spiritual perspective. The process when people decipher this series of codes is like inviting people to spend more time to look at the things they take for granted. The series of exploration about visualised time, informed by studies in philosophy and religion, it’s proposal is an opportunity to think more deeply, creatively, to revaluate everything in our life, and most importantly, to find the significance into the insignificance.​​​​​​​

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